Fall 2017

SPANPORT 455 - Comparative Studies in Latin American Cultures

Critical Cosmopolitanisms

The seminar seeks to critically engage with two master narratives that have been instrumental in an understanding of subjective universal desires, interrelations and fictions of integrated totality, as well as material processes of global dislocation, disjuncture and displacement: cosmopolitanism and globalization. Can these concepts still provide us with an account of present cultural-political moment? What has historically been their critical potential? The experience of destitution and dislocation, of not belonging, the discontent of those could cannot leave or return, the new forms of crossing borders, and the displacement of immigrants and refugees, as they have been articulated in both aesthetic formations and theoretical discourses in Latin America, point us to re-examine the reconfigurations of this translocal space we call “the world”and historicize its imaginative forms. 

We will discuss readings by 19th century writer Eugenio Cambareres, Rubén Darío and Latin American and French avant-garde writers, Jorge Luis Borges, Roberto Bolaño, João Gilberto Noll, César Aira, films by Wong Kar Wai, as well as Nussbaum, Brennan, Jameson, Appadurai, Derrida, Arendt, Foucault and Butler.

Alejandra Uslenghi

Tuesdays 2:00 - 4:50pm