Fall 2017

SPANPORT 455 - Comparative Studies in Latin American Cultures

Radical Women: Feminist Critique and Feminine Writing in Latin America.

The seminar seeks to critically engage the intersection between feminist critical theory and feminine literature in contemporary Latin American culture. We will examine the critical potential of feminist critical thought to de-essentialize concepts of identity, de-naturalize ideas of embodiment and experience, open spaces of creative construction of dissident subjectivities and reactivate the plurality of heterogeneous sense-making forms. By destabilizing archives, historiographies, hegemonic discourses, we explore how contemporary feminist thought illuminates the cultural-ideological dimension of conflicts of value, signification, power, representation and interpretation that inform the social and political practices of identity, resistance and opposition. The course aims to offer a view of theoretical production of both Latin American and Anglo-European feminisms, holding a plurality of expressions and conflicts resulting from multiple intersecting identities. Finally, the new interpretive frames posed by globalization will be analyzed, as well as the way in which Latin American feminisms have confronted neoliberal regimes and built an internationalist theoretical and political perspective.

Alejandra Uslenghi

Tuesdays 2:00 - 4:50pm