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Jorge Coronado is a Guest Researcher at the Ibero-American Institute (Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut) in Berlin during 2013-14. In the last few months, he has lectured on Andean photographic portraiture and Andean literature at Durham University (Durham, England), Universität des Saarlandes (Saarbrücken, Germany), the Lateinamerika Institut, Freie Universität (Berlin) and the Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá). Currently, he is working on the circulation of anarchist and marxist ideas among workers, indigenous peoples, and intellectuals in early 20th century Latin America.

Professor Dario Fernandez-Morera directed a conference on "Examining the Concept of Social Justice," with texts by Antonio Rosmini (La costituzione secondo la giustizia sociale), John Rawls (A Theory of Justice), F.A. Hayek (Law, Legislation and Liberty), Bertrand de Jouvenel (The Ethics of Redistribution), Leo XIII (Rerum novarum), John Paul II (Centesimus Annus), etc. in Grand Rapids, Michigan, February 20-23.

Elena Lanza, Senior Lecturer, has been asked to present at the MMLC's Faculty Workshop World.Wine.Web!

Contemporary Spain, Contemporary Textbook Elena Lanza from the Department of Spanish and Portuguese developed an online textbook to meet the challenges of teaching a language course that uses topics on contemporary Spain as its thematic content.
Friday, March 7 4:00-5:30. Kresge 1-375

Rifka Cook, Senior Lecturer, will present a paper at the UcLadino Symposium, at the UCLA on March 5. “A Secret Passage: A conversational visit with Doña Gracia Mendes”


On February 25th, there will be a workshop on Creative Writing in Portuguese, offered by Dr. Liliane Santos, Portuguese Professor at the University of Lille, France. Kresge 1-375 at 5pm

- On April 19th, NU through our Portuguese program will host the II Illinois Portuguese Language Connection, with students from Northwestern, the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. More info: e-mail:


New Course for Winter Quarter! 

Spanish 223-0 Cervantes:  The World of Don Quixote

(Readings and Discussions in English)

Why did Dostoevsky call Don Quixote “the final and greatest utterance of the human mind,” and Cervantes “the great poet and seer of the human heart”?  Why has Cervantes impacted film, art, music and language so deeply? How does Don Quixote examine Historical and Religious issues (the sixteenth and seventeenth century struggle between Christianity and Islam), Philosophy (Does human freedom exist?), Politics (What is a Just War?), Economics (Is government intervention in the market beneficial?) and the nature and value of literature?  Why has Don Quixote been voted by both critics and novelists as the most important work of fiction ever written? Join us to find out!

Instructor: Darío Fernández - Morera

Offered: MW 10-10:50 w/ Friday discussion


Congratulations to Joel Colom-Mena who was named to the Northwestern Associated Student Governmen'st 2012-2013 honor roll.

This past spring NASG released a campus wide nomination process and received near 1200 nominations for faculty and administrators. The nominees were narrowed down based on a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the nominations over this summer to reach a list of the most exceptional staff on this campus.

Thank you Joel, for your work and commitment to the student experience!

About the Department

Our department blends a community of scholars, whose strong research interests range across Spanish, Latin American and Brazilian literatures and cultures, and a community of instructors, who are dedicated to teaching a strong culture-based language program. Our faculty offers a rich array of courses in Spanish, Portuguese, and English in an effort to serve not only majors and minors but also a variety of students from Weinberg College and other schools who may take only one of two classes.

Our goal is to convey a liberating variety of approaches to learning, a wide sweep of content, and a broad range of texts so that students may gain a thorough understanding of the languages, the literatures, and the cultures of the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking worlds. We believe that it is essential to understand contemporary novels by reading Cervantes, modern poetry by appreciating Paz, today’s film by watching Salles. And we believe that with command of Spanish and Portuguese, two of the most commonly spoken languages on Earth, our students are well prepared for the world of the 21st century. Read more



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