Affiliated Faculty

Faculty Affiliates may serve as members of graduate exam committees, dissertation committees and may be readers for honors theses. Faculty Affiliates may be called on to be part of the graduate admissions committee and graduate program ad-hoc committees. They may also propose or be invited to teach courses for the department.

Geraldo Cadava

Gerlado Cadava | Department of History

Phone: 847-491-3152

Office Location: Harris Hall 210


John Alba Cutler

John Alba Cutler | Department of English

Phone: 847-467-1783

Office Location: Harris Hall 328


Harris Feinsod

Harris Feinsod | Department of English

Phone: 847-467-1762

Office Location: University Hall 222


Doris Garraway

Doris Garraway | French & Italian

Phone: 847-491-8255

Office Location: 1860 S Campus Drive


Reginald Gibbons 

Reginald Gibbons | English

Phone: 847-467-1066

Office Location: 1897 Sheridan Road


Mary Weismantel 

Mary Weismantel | Anthropology

Phone: 847-491-4822

Office Location: 1810 Hinman Ave