Yarí Pérez Marín

Ph.D. Brown University, Assistant Professor

yari perez marinYarí Pérez Marín holds a Ph.D in Hispanic Studies from Brown University and specializes in colonial Latin American literature and culture. Her research and teaching interests include Caribbean literature, history of science and film studies. She has received awards from the Mellon Foundation, the Social Science Research Council, the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, and has been a fellow-in-residence at the John Carter Brown Library in Providence, RI. In her upcoming book project, Evolving Epistemologies and New World Medical Writings, 1565-1592, she examines texts written in Spain and colonial Mexico in which American nature takes center stage in the ongoing feud between Renaissance humanism and experiential modes of knowledge-production. Her analysis makes a case for the incorporation of scientific writing into current discussions on early modern historiography and literature.