Language Placement

Weinberg College requires students to achieve proficiency in a classical or modern foreign language. The level of proficiency required to fulfill the Weinberg foreign language requirement is equivalent to two years of college-level language instruction demonstrated in one of the following ways:

  • Demonstrating proficiency through AP scores or department testing: Language proficiency may be shown by achieving a score designated by the Weinberg College Council on Language Instruction on a College Entrance Examination Board Advanced Placement Examination, by passing a proficiency examination administrated at Northwestern during New Student Week and periodically thereafter though the school year (language departments may impose a limit on the number of times a proficiency examination may be taken).  For more information, please visit the Spanish language placement page.
  • Demonstrating proficiency through Northwestern coursework: Language proficiency may also be demonstrated by successfully completing designated coursework. For more details, please see the information on WCAS Foreign Language Proficiency Requirement in the online Weinberg College Student Handbook.

For information on the foreign language proficiency requirements of other Northwestern University schools, please refer to their websites.