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Rifka Cook

Associate Professor of Instruction

M.A. Universidad Pedagógica Libertador

Born and raised in Venezuela. Rifka holds two teaching degrees, one from Haim Greenberg College (Israel 1974) and the second from Universidad Pedagógica Libertador (Caracas 1980). Also holds a Mcs. in Linguistics from Universidad Pedagógica Libertador (Caracas 1996). During Winter and Spring 2010 she attended three courses concerning the Sephardic language and culture at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.  She taught at a religious school in Caracas, and at the Universidad de Oriente in Nueva Esparta, Venezuela for more than two decades. Since 2001, she teaches first- and second-year Spanish here at Northwestern University. In addition to her role as Faculty Member of Northwestern University, is the Faculty in Residence at Allison Hall (2017-present), and a Faculty Fellow at Shepard Residence College (2009-present).

Her research interests include Teaching with technology and learning styles. The Judeo-Español language and literature, Sephardi culture, Crypto-Jews history and culture. Rifka has presented and published in the United States and abroad. 

Rifka considers herself a hard worker who loves challenges; thus, she does her best to reach her goals. Along her work experience, for several years, she learned how to communicate with a variety of students from different backgrounds. Through her own international heritage and sensitivity to diverse cultural traditions, she makes every endeavor to cultivate an atmosphere of inclusiveness in all her classes. She encourages students to celebrate their own cultures and, whenever possible, to include this in their work and research for class.

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