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Lily Frusciante

Visiting Assistant Professor

Lily Frusciante received her BA in Spanish Literature and Culture from New York University. Upon graduating, she spent two years teaching middle school in Miami-Dade County through Teach For America. Her doctoral studies focus on sites of memory, feature films, and novels that relate to the late twentieth-century dictatorships in Brazil (1964–85), Chile (1973–90), and Argentina (1976–83). Her dissertation, “Beyond Memory’s Limits: Resistance, Justice, and Truth in Contemporary Brazilian, Chilean, and Argentine Culture," explores how cultural productions expand upon institutional memory projects (e.g., truth commissions) by highlighting and, in some instances, rectifying the gaps inherent to memory of state-sponsored violence. Her research has been supported by The Graduate School at Northwestern and the Buffett Institute for Global Studies. She served as the graduate assistant at Northwestern University Press, and in 2017, she was named to Northwestern's Associated Student Government Faculty and Administration Honor Roll.
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