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Student Organizations and Spanish Language Groups


NU Heights

Spanish & Portuguese students are actively engaged in both the school community and the greater Chicago community. NU Heights is a Department of Spanish and Portugese-sponsored initiative entirely run and organized by Northwestern students. Around 60 Northwestern students make weekly trips to Pierce Elementary in Chicago's Andersonville neighborhood to tutor grade-school kids.

Contact Irina Denise Baek if you want to get involved.

Language Groups

One of the goals we pursue in the Spanish and Portuguese Department is to help the students develop their skills and abilities in the target language outside of the classroom through different activities, such as:

Study Table

Being part of a conversation group is a wonderful way to practice your Spanish outside the classroom. Study tables unite faculty, SAB's, peer tutors, graduate, and undergraduate students from the Spanish Language Program that are interested in hearing and conversing in Spanish in a informal setting. Although students from the 100 level courses are the main focus of the study tables, students of all levels of proficiency in Spanish are welcome to attend.  Co-organizers have included Latino student groups, Latina sororities, and other NU organizations, particularly for the Cinco de mayo event in spring quarter.  A recent focus of the study tables includes review sessions/study breaks before the midterm and final exams of 100 level Spanish language courses.

Faculty contact: Tasha Seago-Ramaly 
Tue Nov 27 2018, 5:30 pm-7:30 pm
Kresge 2305

Tacita de Café

A welcoming social forum for intermediate-advanced heritage learners of Spanish to discuss culture, language, current issues, etc. over coffee.

Faculty contact: Asha Nagaraj

Winter sessions TBA

Círculo de Lectores

The main objective of this activity is to create a reading- friendly environment and to motivate students to continually develop and strengthen their reading and speaking skills. This extracurricular activity will bring together students of 121 and above levels in Spanish to read short selections in Spanish and discuss them.

Faculty contact: Rifka Cook

Winter sessions TBA

Forum Language Tables

The Language Tables provide an opportunity to gather and converse in one of thirteen with refreshments provided by the Forum and the Office of Residential Academic Initiatives.  We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to practice their language skills with other students, faculty and community members. 

 Faculty contact: Elisa Baena

Winter sessions TBA




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