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Advising and Forms

Students are not assigned to specific advisers; they may consult with any faculty major/minor adviser in the Department. In order to facilitate the advisement of students by any adviser, the Department maintains a record of each advising session in the students' major/minor files.

Students should see an adviser at the beginning of each quarter or during pre-registration or advanced registration. When coming to an advising session students should bring a copy of an unofficial transcript of their academic record to the meeting.

Students planning on studying abroad should meet with an adviser prior to their departure to discuss their goals, the curriculum they plan to pursue and the department norms for receiving credit for courses taken abroad. See also Criteria for Abroad Credit Transfer.

The Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) oversees the literature and culture course offerings in the department. If you have specific questions regarding Spanish course 210 and above in which you are enrolled, please speak first to your instructor. If you have general questions about courses content and offerings, you should meet with one of the faculty advisers listed in this section. In the event that the instructor or the faculty adviser cannot satisfactory answer your questions, please make an appointment with the DUS.

Advising FAQs

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