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Registration Guidelines

Procedures for registration

You may register for any class directly online from any computer that is connected to the internet. Class rank and the last two digits of your Student ID number determine appointment times. Students may register anytime after their appointment time, but not before. For more information about registration guidelines and procedures, please visit the Registrar’s webpage.

If you cannot register for a course

If the course and section you want to register for is closed due to full enrollment your options are as follows:

  1. Please keep checking CAESAR to see if a space has opened up in the class you want. Adding and dropping courses is done directly through CAESAR, not through the department.
  2. Email the coordinator with your information (name/email address, year at NU, all of the possible times you can take the course – in order of preference.) If the course does not have a coordinator, please email this information directly to the instructor.
  3. Attend the first day of class (your preferred section), and follow up with the instructor about why you need to take this course.
  4. On the second or third day of class, during the Change of Registration Period (Add/Drop), permission numbers will be distributed to those students who will be able to add into the class. Students will be notified by email if they will be able to add into a section.
  5.  Please note that permission numbers are not available before the Change of Registration (Drop/Add).
  6. Opening seats reserved for first-year students taking Spanish 121-1, 125-0, 199-0 and 203-0 in Fall quarter will be available during New Student Registration period.

Spanish Language Course Coordinators

For questions about Spanish 127, 202, 205, 206 or 301, students should get in touch directly with the professor.

Portuguese Language and Culture Course Coordinator

Elisa Baena

If you think you need to switch courses due to placement

For questions about the placement exam, contact the Placement Exam Coordinator, Shannon Millikin.

For questions about possible changes in placement, consult either the Director of the SLP, Chyi Chung  or the Assistant Director, Shannon Millikin

For questions about Spanish 202, 205, 206 or 302, students should get in touch directly with the professor.

Literature Courses

Students should see an adviser at the beginning of each quarter or during pre-registration or advanced registration. When coming to an advising session students should bring a copy of an unofficial transcript of their academic record to the meeting.

The Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) oversees the literature and culture course offerings in the department. If you have specific questions regarding Spanish course 210 and above in which you are enrolled, please speak first to your instructor. If you have general questions about courses content and offerings, you should meet with one of the faculty advisers listed in this section. In the event that the instructor or the faculty adviser cannot provide a satisfactory answer your questions, please make an appointment with the DUS.


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