Department News


Welcome to the class of 2018 and welcome back to all of our students.

The department has moved - please stop by our new department office at Crowe 3-107. 

About the Department

Our department blends a community of scholars, whose strong research interests range across Spanish, Latin American and Brazilian literatures and cultures, and a community of instructors, who are dedicated to teaching a strong culture-based language program. Our faculty offers a rich array of courses in Spanish, Portuguese, and English in an effort to serve not only majors and minors but also a variety of students from Weinberg College and other schools who may take only one of two classes.

Our goal is to convey a liberating variety of approaches to learning, a wide sweep of content, and a broad range of texts so that students may gain a thorough understanding of the languages, the literatures, and the cultures of the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking worlds. We believe that it is essential to understand contemporary novels by reading Cervantes, modern poetry by appreciating Paz, today’s film by watching Salles. And we believe that with command of Spanish and Portuguese, two of the most commonly spoken languages on Earth, our students are well prepared for the world of the 21st century. Read more