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Department Awards!

The Honors and Awards Committee (Laura León Llerena, Lucille Kerr, Jill Felten, María Reyes Moran Fuertes and Darío Fernández-Morera) evaluated the papers nominated for departmental prizes and decided to award the following papers:


--“Cuerpo y dictadura en la escritura de Roberto Bolaño y Diamela Eltit” by Anna Elder for Best Essay on the Literatures and Cultures of Latin America and/or Spain.

Elder’s paper examines how the discursive dichotomy between internal and external narratives is negotiated in the works of Roberto Bolaño and Diamela Eltit against the historical and political background of the Pinochet dictatorship.  The author achieves an excellent balance between primary and secondary sources in a detailed analysis that subtantiates her own opinions.

--“Construcción dialógica de la figura femenina en ‘El recado’ y ‘Mientras por competir con tu cabello” by Yun Leefor Best Essay for Spanish 200-level Literature and Culture Classes.

Lee compares these works by Elena Poniatowska and Luis de Góngora as dialogues which fashion the feminine body, but which do so with different versions of the dialogic construction.  The paper produces an excellent close reading of both works by making a convincing use of the theoretical concept of implicit dialogism.


Congratulations Casey Drosehn!

Casey Drosehn, a CLS student homed in Spanish and Portuguese, has just published a peer-reviewed article in A contracorriente. It is entitled "De los medios a los remedios: Qué y Los mecanismos de la curaciónCongratulations, Casey!

Congratulations to Ana!

Congratulations to Ana Thomé-Williams who has been awarded the 2013/2014 CLI Excellence in Foreign Language Teaching Award! Since her arrival in 2007, Ana has worked tirelessly to promote Portuguese and has successfully developed model teaching methods that provide her students with opportunities to practice their Portuguese language skills with students at universities in Brazil. She ensures that her students also have exposure to a broad range of cultural programming here at Northwestern and has helped to introduce her students to the broader Portuguese speaking community through the "Illinois Portuguese Language Connection."

Congratulations Pedro Varguillas!

Congratulations to Pedro Varguillas who was awarded the LACS Research summer grant with the project "La República del beta: excesos de la política y la cultura en la Venezuela contemporánea."

Great job Pedro!

Congratulations Sofia! 

Our departmental tutor – Sofia Falzoni – has received a Fulbright ETA (English Teaching Assistantship) to teach English at a university in Brazil from March to November 2015. Apart from being an English teaching assistant in university classes, she will also develop and lead language learning activities, including cultural and social events for Brazilian students to practice English and engage in American culture. 

Sofia was born in Argentina and moved to the US in 2001. She is a senior in WCAS majoring in Sociology and International Studies with a minor in Business Institutions. She has taken Spanish and Portuguese classes at Northwestern, and is one of our Spanish tutors in 2013-2014.

Please join me in congratulating Sofia!


Congratulations to Elisa Baena, who won an Arts and Sciences Alumni Teaching Award in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences for the academic year 2013-2014!!!  This is a distinct honor, based on the recommendation of Weinberg College's student-faculty Committee on Teaching Awards, which considers members and teaching assistants from all departments and programs. We are so proud of you, Elisa, and our students appreciate your hard work and passion for teaching!


About the Department

Our department blends a community of scholars, whose strong research interests range across Spanish, Latin American and Brazilian literatures and cultures, and a community of instructors, who are dedicated to teaching a strong culture-based language program. Our faculty offers a rich array of courses in Spanish, Portuguese, and English in an effort to serve not only majors and minors but also a variety of students from Weinberg College and other schools who may take only one of two classes.

Our goal is to convey a liberating variety of approaches to learning, a wide sweep of content, and a broad range of texts so that students may gain a thorough understanding of the languages, the literatures, and the cultures of the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking worlds. We believe that it is essential to understand contemporary novels by reading Cervantes, modern poetry by appreciating Paz, today’s film by watching Salles. And we believe that with command of Spanish and Portuguese, two of the most commonly spoken languages on Earth, our students are well prepared for the world of the 21st century. Read more