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Congratulations to our graduate student Cintia Vezzani!

Cíntia has just published an article in the jornal non plus: Revista Discente da Area de Françês, entitled "Dans l'âbîme". See abstract below: "This article proposes to analyze the esthetical and thematic construction of the “abyss” in Boutès (2008), in dialogue with another work of Pascal Quignard, Abîmes - Dernier royaume III (2002). We will investigate the structure of a metaphorical abyss, metaphor that centralizes the issue of time, as well as the desire of unity and reconnection among different elements (man, woman, voice and memory.)

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Pendiendo de la maquinaria: hombres y autos en 'La autopista del sur

Graduate student Jack Martinez has published an article that will appear in the spring 2015 edition of A Contracorriente. This article argues that interactions between human beings and machines in Julio Cortázar's short story update and problematizes the Marxist theory of technological alienation. In this way, the short story makes evident new relations of technological hegemony.