Nathalie Bouzaglo Associate Professor

Nathalie Bouzaglo holds a PhD in Latin American Literature from New York University. She specializes in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-century Latin American Literature, with an emphasis on the modern novel/modern narratives of nation building. She is currently working on a book manuscript titled "Illicit Passions: Nation and Adulteration in the turn-of-the century novel," in which she addresses the function of adultery, both as a violation of bourgeois family structure and as adulteration of any homogenous or closed system conception of the nation. She envisions adultery and adulteration as critical concepts around which a cluster of ideas about change, miscegenation and hybridization are gathered in response to the very anxiety that constitutes the projects of nationalism. Her other research interests focuses on the relationship between law, literature and ethics.

Nathalie Bouzaglo arrived to NU in 2006. She has taught courses on Violence and Citizenship in Latin America; The fictions of Borges; and Home, Nostalgia and Crimes of Passion. In the year 2007-2008 she was College Fellow at the Weinberg College of Arts and Science.