Spanish Honors Thesis

Guidelines for honors thesis preparation

I. Description of the thesis

The thesis must constitute a significant contribution to the academic field of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and must consist substantially of independent research undertaken by the Honors candidate. A paper that merely reviews and summarizes a body of literature on a particular topic, or that presents a compilation of data and does not adequately interpret or apply such data, is not acceptable as an Honors Thesis.

II. Format and Structure

  • The thesis may be written in Spanish or in English.
  • The thesis should include a title page, acknowledgments and a one-page summary in English.
  • The text must contain a minimum of 25-30 pages.
  • The text must be arranged in major sections and subsections as follows:
    • An introduction that includes a description of the issues to be studied and the methodology employed to develop a comprehensive analysis of the issues, and a brief summary of the relevant scholarly work on the issues.
    • Thesis chapters, which should develop a comprehensive analysis and cogent argument about the issues.
    • A conclusion that summarizes the principal findings and implications of the study, describes the significant contributions of the thesis as a whole, and, where appropriate, notes shortcomings or limitations of the study and proposes directions for future research.
    • Footnotes or endnotes prepared in a consistent and accurate manner, following either the MLA Style Manual or The Chicago Manual of Style.
    • Bibliography
  • The document must be typed, carefully proofread, and bound.
  • The student must provide three bound copies as well as an electronic version of the thesis to the Department.

III. Deadline

The Honors Thesis must be submitted to the Department no later than April 30.